After Hours Emergency
(506) 461-4806
This number is for reporting suspected child abuse only.

Michelle Sacobie, Director
Tel: 506-363-3028 x178

Susan Shepard, Assistant
Tel: 506-363-3028 x122

Shannon Mallaley, Prevention SW
Tel: 506-363-3028 x192

Britney Polchies, Supervisor/Child Protection SW
Tel: 506-363-3028

Jamie Frazier, Child Protection SW
Tel: 506-363-3028 x121

Chelsee MacLeod, Prevention SW
(Maternity Leave)
Tel: 506-363-3028 x141

Ashley Bawn

General Information and Services

Screening and Information

This service provides screening and information to individuals and the general public and will help to determine the eligibility of a person to receive agency services.

Adoption Service

The adoption service primarily provides for the assessment of individuals or couples who wish to adopt children that are available for adoption and recruitment of families to adopt specific children who require a permanent home. The service prepares children and families for the placement and supports them until the adoption is finalized.

Post-Adoption Service

This service provides non-identifying information to specific persons, identifying information under special circumstances, and the preparation of some individuals for reunions between interested parties.

Child Care/Foster Home Service

Removal of a child from the family home is only done in cases of extreme abuse or where it is not possible at the time to ensure the safety and security of the child under the present living conditions of that household. Foster homes are a major resource both in and out of the community for the care of children who must be removed temporarily or permanently from their own family home.

Family Service

This service provides counseling, where applicable, and other support services to young people ages 16-19.

Head Start Service

This service attempts to provide normalization services to children and parents of multi-problem families. The service focuses on maintaining and strengthening the family unit by assisting children with physical, emotional, social, and/or educational deprivation through facilitating emotional adjustment in life and encouraging and developing appropriate socialization skills.

On-Call (After Hours Emergency Service)

This service is provided and is made available after hours and during shut-down periods. It is to be utilized to report suspected child abuse only. The on-call worker can be reached at (800) 442-9799.