Name Position Phone Number Email
Chief and Council
Gabriel Atwin Chief 506-363-3028
Barb Atwin Councillor 506-363-3028
Derek Solomon Councillor 506-363-3028
Nick Sacobie Councillor 506-363-3028
Jesse Sabattis Councillor 506-363-3028
Cathy Wilson Councillor 506-363-3028
Tony Atwin Councillor 506-363-3028
Greg Francis-Perley Councillor 506-363-3028
Keyaira Gruben Councillor 506-363-3028
Patrick Polchies Councillor 506-363-3028
Jayme Johnson Director of Operations 506-363-3028 x103
Megan Ginnish Director of Human Resources 506-363-3028 x190
Brandy Polchies Executive Assistant 506-363-3028 x132
Melissa Solomon Administrative Assistant 506-363-3028 x101
Amy Polchies Director of Recreation 506-363-3028 x167
Matthew Tomer Custodian 506-363-3028 x107
Rod Lyons Chief Finance Officer 506-363-3028 x123
Krissy Atwin Accounting Clerk 506-363-3028 x120
Social Development
Monique Giberson Social Development Director 506-363-3028 x148
Amanda Ginnish Finance Clerk 506-363-3028 x124
Economic Development
Sydney Paul Economic Development Officer 506-363-3028
Shelley Sabattis Employment Training Officer 506-363-3028 x105
Joe Sabattis First Nations Lands Manager & Indian Registry Administrator 506-363-3028 x130
Public Works / Infra-Structure
George Fanjoy Housing Director 506-363-3028 x142
Dale Solomon Building Maintenance 506-363-3028
Nick Sacobie Water Monitor Operator 506-262-0087
Mark Francis Water Monitor Operator 506-262-2122
Natural Resources Department
Patrick Polchies Fisheries 506-363-3028 x191
Francine Young Aboriginal Fisheries Stragety 506-363-3028 x112
Keyaira Gruben Consultation Resources 506-363-3028 x143
Health Center
Gail Solomon Director of Health 506-363-4001 x181
Gisele Davis Medical Receptionist 506-363-4001 x180
Rena Solomon Director of Drug & Alcohol 506-363-4001 x131
Andy Solomon Mental Wellness 506-363-4001 x175
Torey Solomon Youth Prevention Worker 506-363-4001 x175
Cathy Wilson Community Health Representative 506-363-4001 x184
Kate Burns Home and Community Care Coordinator 506-363-4001 x183
Community Health Nurse 506-363-4001 x182
Charlee Paul Maternal Child Health 506-363-4001 x188
Jackie Fairweather Prevention Social Worker 506-363-4001 x173
Tracey O'Reilly Education Director 506-363-3028 x144
Amanda Morgan-Polchies Aboriginal Student Advisor - MAT LEAVE 506-363-3028 x144
Jody McDonald Aboriginal Student Advisor 506-363-3028 x144
Stephanie Sacobie Bus Driver 506-363-3028
Wulustukw Elementary School
Aleida Fox Principal 506-363-3019
Lois Solomon Receptionist 506-363-3019
Dave Polchies Custodian 506-363-3019
Vacant Cook 506-363-3019
Child & Family Services
Michelle Sacobie Director of Child & Family 506-363-3028 x178
Susan Shepard Child & Family Assistant 506-363-3028 x122
Shannon Mallaley Preventions and Child Protection 506-363-3028 x192
Emilee Yerxa Supervisor/Child Protection SW 506-363-3028
Jamie Frazier Child Protection SW 506-363-3028 x121
Chelsee MacLeod (Maternity Leave) Prevention SW 506-363-3028 x141 not yet assigned
Ashley Bawn Prevention Social Worker
Veronica Sacobie-Atwin Director of Headstart 506-363-4047
Mary Sabattis / Daphne Solomon Cooks 506-363-4816
Maxine Solomon Custodian 506-363-3019
Wulustukw Convenience
Terrilee Polchies Manager 506-363-5818
Derek Solomon Assistant Manager 506-363-5818
Gaming Complex
Karen Hanson Administrator 506-363-4091
Wik-Cihpolakon Seniors Complex
Sandra Atwin Administrator 506-363-4820
Miranda Traer Office Manager 506-363-4820